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Courtney Patch

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Welcome to Noonday!

I'm so glad you're here! I have been an ambassador with Noonday Collection since the fall of 2018 and I am so proud to be a part of this community. I first learned of Noonday four years ago when my husband and I were going through the adoption process for the second time and a friend hosted an adoption fundraiser through Noonday on our behalf. I am thrilled now for the ability to do the same for other hopeful adoptive families, all while supporting the work of our amazing artisans around the world. Years spent traveling the globe in various capacities, and eventually living in Kolkata, India for a few years during my 20's, made a lasting impact on my life. My closest friends in Kolkata were a family of 12 who lived on the streets. They gave me a new view of the world, and my life and work are better because of them. I'm thrilled to be able to continue advocating for and supporting women and their families in a global capacity through my work as a Noonday Ambassador. A photographer by training, I currently spend my days caring for my three young daughters, and running an airbnb and small interior re-design business from my home. While I love being home with my kiddos, offering hospitality to our guests through our airbnb, and the creative aspects of my design work, I truly miss the work that I was a part of in India, as well as connecting with other women in my city (and elsewhere!). I can't wait to bring the beautiful work of the artisans creating these products for Noonday into your homes. So let's grab a group of your friends, set up a global marketplace, try on some jewelry, and support them together!

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